Since 1992 Forrester Environmental Services, Inc. has provided patented on-site and in-line heavy metal and hazardous waste stabilization technologies and CERCLA/RCRA remedial services to government and industry.

As the single largest inventor and exclusive patent-holder of U.S. patents for heavy metals stabilization, FESI is able to offer its technology directly to the client or prime contractor, at a very competitive price.

Our technology forms insoluble minerals such as chloropyromorphite mineral that is one of the safest, most stable Pb mineral known to man. FESI minerals also control As, Cu, Hg, Cd, Cr, Zn, Se, and other RCRA and non-RCRA metals.

Just recently, a USEPA prime contractor performed a study of various stabilization technologies, and came to the conclusion that FESI's chloropyromorphite mineral is best for mining wastes and Pb bearing soils.

  • The FESI-BOND® produces a safe mineral.
  • The FESI-BOND® does not produce hazardous by-products, like the sulfide methods used by some.
  • The FESI-BOND® creates one of the most stable Pb minerals known to man, unlike cementious and alkaline methods that modify pH to pass TCLP and produce transitional hydroxides which eventually leach Pb back into the environment.
Contact us to discuss how FESI can assist you in choosing the best solutions for your hazardous waste and heavy metal bearing material/waste management problems.


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