FESI-BOND® patented technologies have been successfully used in 100+ remedial and generator hazardous waste stabilization projects. Some highlights of projects are listed below:

  • Construction Sites - MADEP RCRA Sites, Boston and Cambridge, MA: Pb bearing soil/debris foundation excavation. In-situ stabilization of Pb bearing soils and off-site disposal, 8,000 tons;
  • Scrap Yard - USEPA CERCLA Site, Lewisburg, PA: Former scrap yard ex-situ remediation of Pb and PCB's, 14,000 tons;
  • Rifle Range - California Highway Project, Menlo Park, CA: Ex-situ roadway cut clay shard and shotgun shot stabilization of Pb/Cu, 6,000 tons;
  • Smelter and Railroad Sandblast Site - USEPA CERCLA Site, Tacoma, WA: Pb and As ex-situ stabilization and on-site use. 6,000 tons;
  • Steel Mill - USEPA CERCLA Site, Roanoke, VA: Former steel mill paint Pb residue area ex-situ stabilization. 6,000 tons;
  • Navy Sub Base - USEPA CERCLA Site, Groton, CT: Lead acid battery spillage soil ex-situ remediation and reuse on-site, 500 tons;
  • Auto Shredder Scrap Yard - USEPA CERCLA Site, Pelham, NH: Ex-situ and in-situ stabilization of Pb bearing soil, 9,000 tons;
  • Foundry - PADEP CERCLA Site, Marietta, PA: Ex-situ and in-situ foundry sand Pb stabilization, 2,000 tons;
  • Chemical Warehouse - MADEP CERCLA Site, Peabody, MA: Sludge/clay in-situ Cr (6) stabilization, off-site T&D, site capping, 300,000 gallon on-site wastewater treatment, sewer discharge, 1,200 tons;
  • Lead Paint Stabilization - MADEP RCRA Site, BRA, South Boston, MA: In-place pre-demolition stabilization of Pb painted brick, on-site reuse as non-hazardous waste, 2,000 tons;
  • Steel Mill Road Cut - MASS Highway Project, Worcester, MA: Ex-situ roadway cut soil and steel mill slag ex-situ stabilization of Pb, 20,000 tons;
  • Water Tower - Dedham City, MA & Keyspan Glenwood, NY Sites: Water tower Pb paint contaminated soil in-situ stabilization, 500 tons;
  • Army Depot - Hawthorne, NV: In-situ surficial remediation of Pb bearing soil, 15,000 tons;

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