FESI-BOND® patented heavy metal stabilization technologies are used throughout the world for a variety of industrial waste fixed facilities as well as for remediation of contaminated sites, materials, and leaded paint. FESI-BOND® technologies eliminate the high cost and burdensome disposal of hazardous waste, replacing such with low-cost, on-site stabilization and local waste disposal or reuse.

Our patented, patent-pending, and proprietary technologies and services include:
  • Fixed Facility in-line Pb, Cd, Cr, As, Hg, Cu, Zn, Sb, Se stabilization systems (incinerators, mills, foundries, wire choppers, smelters, casting plants, shredders, power generators, etc.)
  • Ex-situ and In-situ CERCLA/RCRA stabilization technology and services (contaminated soil, scrap yards, demolition waste, ash, mining tailings, range soils, sludges, grit, shredder waste, river sediments, sludge lagoons, flocculant sludge, paint waste, sandblast waste, etc.)
  • In-place leaded paint stabilization and sandblast media
  • Professional environmental engineering services
  • Full-scale subcontract remedial services
  • Superfund remediation services
  • Chemical supply management
  • Waste recycling

Advantages of FESI-BOND® heavy metal stabilization technologies:
  • Converts heavy metal to non-hazardous waste
  • Eliminates RCRA reporting, permitting, and fees
  • Approved by EPA/states at numerous projects
  • Guaranteed process
  • Low cost
  • Low waste weight increase, commonly less than 1% wwb
  • RCRA-identified technology
  • Chemical supply managed by FESI
Contact us to discuss how FESI can assist you in choosing the best solutions for your hazardous waste and heavy metal bearing material/waste management problems.


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